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Modern roc jive



Modern Jive was created in the United Kingdom during the 1980’s. The style evolved in France after World War II due to other popular dances such as the Jitterbug. Modern Jive is a blend of Salsa, Ballroom, Latin, Rock n Roll and many more, to create an easy style dance that is being taught all over the world. It goes by many names:  Modern Jive, Le Step, New Jive & Ceroc. It is a unique and adaptive style that has re-created the dance scene. 


Ideal for anyone to learn even if you haven't danced before, or those who just love to dance have fun or even be challenged. It's the easiest style of dance you will ever learn. It is non-conforming and once you have learnt several moves you will be able to dance it anywhere to any style of music in a matter of weeks. The best of all it’s FUN!!  And you don’t need a partner. Our instructors have had over 20 years experience in dancing Modern Roc / Ceroc Style /Jive style.

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